As a cultural sociologist I investigate the ethical roles and moral meanings of authenticity, autonomy and imperfection in the context of emerging medical and digital technologies. My research on the authenticity ethics of ‘being true to yourself’ in a context of mental health medications resulted in a peer-reviewed publication and annual guest lecture for the Sociology mastercourse “Medicalization, Healthcare and Social Control” (University of Groningen). I am currently working on an interdisciplinary research project on authenticity ethics, emerging (enhancement) technologies and human vs. technological (im)perfection.

The biggest danger is not that machines will take over but that we might become too much like them. Authenticity, autonomy and imperfection are significant concepts to investigate in technological, philosophical and sociological contexts.

authenticity / emerging (enhancement) technologies / (digital) culture
I have studied society and culture from a wide range of perspectives and I consider my professional experience in the field of healthcare and social welfare as an important source of micro-sociological knowledge. I have empirically analyzed cultural ideals of authenticity and (im)perfection in the following sociological contexts:
• Medicalization (University of Amsterdam, 2011 – 2012)
• Cosmetic surgery (Centre for Rotterdam Cultural Sociology, 2013 – 2016)
• Digital media (Platform Immaterialicious, 2016)
• Social robotics (Erasmus University, department Medical ethics and Philosophy, 2017)
• Digital algorithms (Medialab SETUP, 2018)
• Human | Machine complementarity (Medialab SETUP, 2019)

• Writing: currently SETUP magazine & Hard//hoofd
• Understanding authenticity ethics and moral debates on emerging technologies
• Bridging social science, philosophy and everyday practice
• Connecting empirical ‘raw’ data to cultural, sociological and philosophical theories
• Critical thinking and conceptual thinking
Contributing to public debates on emerging technologies

Image by Gerd Leonhard