Building AI in the image of man


Great article about the dead end of current AI. Sadly, these insights lead to the conclusion that we have to build AI in the exact image of human intelligence. I believe this is a waste of time, energy, money and resources for many reasons:

  • The false promise of ”human-like” AI or AGI only benefits a small tech-elite.
  • It is pointless and nihilistic to outsource being human to machines. It is a waste of time, money and resources we could better invest in a sustainable planet.
  • An intelligent collaboration with AI requires complementary traits, since there is no point in teamwork when all actors possess similar qualities.
  • “Human-like” AI demonstrates a lack of creativity and overdose of narcissism, self-centredness and anthropocentric self-interest.
  • The idea of AI as representation of human-like intelligence obscures the idealization of a mechanistic view of man by defining what it means to be human on the measly basis of what we cannot duplicate in AI.
  • Te idea of “human-like” AI obscures the dataistic, surveillance capitalistic ideology that shapes our self-understanding, behaviour and judgement of AI systems in such a way that it increases asymmetries in power.
  • Instead of AI we should be more inspired by nature’s intelligence. We don’t need more copy’s of ourselves, we need something less destructive and more innovative.