Overblown AI claims #2

“AI helps helps companies to recruit talented staff”, “AI can read your emotions”. Be aware of false and overblown claims:

“There are no peer-reviewed studies proving that analyzing facial expressions can help pick the best workers. The hype around emotion recognition (a $25 billion market by 2023) has created a backlash from tech-ethicists who fear that the technology could raise the same kinds of discrimination problems as predictive sentencing or housing algorithms.”

“Companies can make outrageous and false claims, because the buyer is not that well educated. Commercialization is hurting people potentially, because it’s making claims that are determining people’s access to resources.”

“The hype worries researchers too. Many agree that their work to discern and interpret human expressions is being used in commercial applications that have a shaky basis in science.”

 “The AI Now research institute called for a ban on emotion recognition technologies in decisions that impact people’s lives. An Illinois law regulating AI analysis of job interview videos went into effect in January. A ban would help stop commercialization from outpacing science. Halt the deployment of the technologies first, and then invest in research.”